Apple Mountain Lake POA



The Architectural Committee shall have as its purposes: 

The preparation of guidelines and recommendations necessary to preserve lots in their natural state, or if improved or developed, to maintain the environmental integrity of the subdivision to prevent unsightly and offensive conditions; it is also the purpose of this committee to keep the integrity of the well and septic systems of the residents of the mountain, to make sure all permits are submitted before building and all dues are for the property are in good standing before any building taking place; the review of applications from the lot owners for the construction of improvements on a lot or lots; and the ongoing inspection of the construction to ensure that improvements comply with approved plans. 

Buildings & Grounds

The Buildings and Grounds Committee shall have as its purpose:

The preparation of guidelines and recommendations concerning the maintenance, construction, alteration, renovation, and improvement of the common areas and amenities; except roads maintained by the Association, to provide for the health, safety, and enjoyment of all members, guests, and tenants.


The Roads Committee shall have as its purposes:

preparation  of  guidelines and recommendations regarding the construction, alteration, maintenance, and improvement of roads, culverts, alleys, and all other common means and thoroughfares for vehicles and/or pedestrians in the subdivision, and about safety, pass-ability, drainage, and access to the properties of all members; and

arranging for and supervising the maintenance of, and improvements in, the roads and associated means for their safe use, iIncluding erection of signs and establishment of speed limits, as approved by the Board of Directors.


The Finance Committee shall have as its purposes:

1 – preparation of guidelines and recommendations for the generation of revenues fur the Association, investing surplus operating and escrow funds, and otherwise enhancing the financial well being of the Association;

2 – preparation of a draft budget for the forthcoming fiscal year, taking into account realistic fiscal projections;

2 – arranging for the preparation of an annual review of the Association’s financial records by an independent accountant.

4 – preparation of a report to members at the October semi-annual meeting, which shall include the draft budget for the coming year, along with an analysis of projected revenues;

5 – immediately following the October semi-annual meeting, preparation of an operating budget for the next fiscal year, taking into account revisions made at the meeting; and 

6 – monitoring the expenditures throughout the year concerning budget and revenue estimates, and drawing attention to any emerging problems, and ensuring transparency of Association finances to active members.

7 – The chairperson of the Finance Committee and the Treasurer shall be different persons. The treasurer is required to be a member of this committee.

8- Dam Reserve – a percentage of the general fund shall be put aside for the maintenance, upkeep, and emergency fund of the Dam. It shall never be used for any other purpose. The beginning amount should be a minimum of 20% of the current operating budget on this date 10/1/21.  *This is to be determined by attorney review*


Safety & Security - Neighborhood Watch

The Security Committee shall have as its purposes:

1 – preparation of guidelines and recommendations concerning the safety and physical protection of members, guests, and tenants, and their property; and 

2 – the review and supervision of efforts by the Association to maintain physical security, and to prevent, detect, and seek convictions relating to trespassing, vandalism, breaking, discharging firearms, or the conduct of any other illegal activity within the subdivision.

 The Security Committee shall also take all appropriate steps, including supervising security actions, which may include the maintenance of voluntary or paid security patrols and cooperation with Warren County Sheriff’s Department, including arrangements to secure a Special Deputy for the Subdivision.


The By Laws Committee Shall have as its purpose:

The review when necessary of the By Laws which can and will switch to the Rules and Regulations, Deed of Covenants, and Declaration as needed. The committee will only meet when necessary for the review of these documents when deemed prevalent by the board of directors.


The Communications Committee shall have as its purpose:

The maintenance of the newsletter, Facebook Group, and any other communications deemed necessary by the board of directors. Its goal is to get facts out to the community about what is happening on Apple Mountain Lake.


The Gardening Committee shall have as its purpose:

The Gardening Committee will develop a community garden on the plot of land owned by the POA on the corner of Delicious and Granny Smith.  It will be a wealth of vegetables to help feed local food banks and our community.

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