Apple Mountain Lake’s community includes a large, private lake, tennis courts, basketball courts, playground and picnic area. The playground, tennis and basketball courts are located at the intersection of McIntosh Road and Granny Smith Road. The lake and picnic area are located at the end of Stayman Turn.

The lake may be used by all residents in the community who are in good standing with the association (i.e., current in dues payments.) Amenities passes are distributed annually to those members who are in good standing.

Please follow the following instructions when accessing the lake and our other amenities:

  • Lake Rules
  • Fishing Regulations at AML
  • Playground & Court Rules
  • Passes will be required in order to use the amenities.
  • Passes are to be displayed in your vehicle (hung from rear view mirror) when using the amenities.
  • If you do not display your pass, it may be assumed that you are trespassing and you will be asked to leave.
  • Each member in good standing will be issued two passes.
  • The amenities include the lake, playground, and tennis courts.
  • When you are using the amenities with a guest ensure your guest has one of your passes.
  • If you witness someone behaving in an unsafe manner or otherwise disregarding the rules at the Lake, Playground, or Tennis Courts you can contact Coventry and give them the unique number on that persons amenities pass. Coventry (540-535-0816) will handle the issue from there.
  • If a pass is lost or stolen please contact Coventry immediately to report the loss.
  • Additional passes can be acquired by contacting Coventry. There will be a $5.00 convenience fee charged for each replacement or additional pass requested.
  • Amenities passes will only be issued to homeowners determined to be in good financial standing with the POA. “Good financial standing” is defined as being no more than 60 days overdue on your assessment payments (a balance of $100.00 or less) OR if you are on a payment plan, you must be current in your payments.
  • Rental property owners or managers, please ensure that these passes get forwarded on to your renters so they can use the amenities.
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