The October semi- annual meeting of the POA was a success. Record participation for the community. The following items were adopted at the semi- annual meeting. The assessments for 2020/2021 will not increase. The proposed reduction in assessment for consolidated lots was voted down by the membership. Each lot will be charged the $53.00 per month even if the lot is consolidated. The Board will continue to look at the consolidated lot issue and The insurance payment will be the one time charge due in November of $14.00 per lot. New coupon books will be mailed shortly

The Board will look at ways to adopt a resolution or revise the By-laws and or Deed to address the lot fee structure and other changes.

There was considerable discussion on the proposed Sheetz. The membership by motion asked the board take a stand against Sheetz on behalf of the membership present at the meeting.

Four board members were elected to the board: Talan Clarke was re-elected to the board, Dwayne Harman, DeAnne Depyper, and Melinda Odom will return to the board. Congratulations to all!. Many thanks to Rippy Gill and Rozie Baker who have served in the past and will leave the board.

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