As you are likely aware from national news coverage, the United States Postal Service (USPS) is experiencing mailing delays, and these delays may impact the delivery time of your assessment payment. The USPS continues to warn of “unprecedented volume increases and limited employee availability.” Due to the higher-than-normal volume of mail being received throughout the USPS system, and the continued effects of COVID-19 on employee availability and transportation, the USPS is experiencing delays at locations across the nation that are inevitably delaying the delivery of mail.

As a result, we strongly encourage homeowners to pay their assessment via the online payment system to avoid delays. Using the payment site will help reduce pressure on the USPS system and ensure the timely posting of your assessment payments.

The payment site includes many features and advantages including:

  • Allows for recurring and one-time payments.
  • Includes electronic payment history.
  • Provides payment confirmation email, and sends reminder emails before processing of your recurring payments.
  • Is safe and secure and ensures your bank account number is protected by the bank.
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