Cross Creek Village Board Approves new Water Resolution

The Board of Directors approved at the August meeting a formal water resolution on restricting water use outside. The water restriction prohibits watering of lawns with a sprinkler and other non supervised watering. Water is one of the largest expenses in the Cross...
3 Things to Do at Every Board Meeting

3 Things to Do at Every Board Meeting

Board meetings are an opportunity to prove to homeowners that their association is a well-run organization. Board members can set the tone by being a professional example and making sure to do the following three things at every board meeting.

ARC Guidelines Revised and Approved

The Board of Directors approved revised ARC Guidelines for Cross Creek Village.  The Guidelines are were approved at the June 26 2018 Board of Directors meeting.  Arc Guidelines Adopted 06-26-2018

Welcome 2019

2019 New Year is here!  Spring is not far behind but we must deal with winter first.  Just a few reminders about the winter snow removal policy for Cross Creek Village.  The snow removal for Cross Creek is not done until there is three inches of snow on the ground. ...
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