About Coventry Group

Quality association management with high ethical standards and a common sense approach.

We work directly with HOA boards and their committees to help provide an HOA experience for all the members that is built on openness and transparency.

The Coventry Difference

Association management is all we do, and we do it well. 

Coventry Group deeply cares about doing things the right way. Coventry puts people first; human relationships and the care of your homes and neighborhoods is our priority. Keeping everything running smoothly for HOAs is the groundwork for peaceful, happy streets and happy families.

Do more than build your finances; build your future. Coventry Group brings together the latest tech with a personal touch while providing guidance and management expertise.

We equip your board and your members with a corps of solid, ethical team members who show up at work every day with one goal: to support and strengthen your community.

“Coventry does understand the true meaning of community.

After working with Coventry over the last few years, I don’t believe that we could have found a management company filled with more kind souls and whose professionalism and sense of community should be a model for those companies that feel you are just a number. 

Jason Cagle, President, Apple Mountain Lake POA

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