The Board proposes that the next Coventry invoices be sent as follows, which will only be for FY2019 to bring the HOA in compliance. The total amount assessed is separated into two invoices to protect our owners’ financial situation as much as possible. As a reminder, Coventry will work with all owners for customized payment plans, online withdrawals from owners’ banks, or online payments withdrawn by Alliance Bank from owners’ banks. Of course, full payments are always accepted. It is the responsibility of each owner to set up their own payment options through Coventry. Coventry has provided their contact information through letter and the August invoice.
1st invoice, mailed by 1/1/19; due 2/1/19:                  $194
2nd invoice, mailed by 3/1/19; due by 7/1/19:            $194 + new annual assessment $470 = $664
Beginning in FY2020, we will revert back to one payment per year, due by January 30.

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