Your home is likely your biggest investment and you should do your best to protect it. While no one likes to imagine it, more than one million home break-ins occur each year. Keep your house safe while you are at home and while you travel with these tips:

Staying Safe at Home 

Check your locks every night. Make it a habit to lock all of your entry doors at night. Check to make sure your garage is closed and lock your cars before you head to bed each night too.

Install outdoor lighting. Bright lights are a great way to detract criminals from entering your home. In addition to general lighting, be sure to have spotlights near your entry doors as well.

Cover your windows. Once night falls, close up your curtains and blinds so that people can’t see into your home. Criminals can’t size up your home as easily if they can’t see what’s inside.

Keep your property clean. Burglars often take their cues from what they see outside of a house. If you have an expensive grill or lawn tool, they may think other expensive items are inside. Put away your belongings each night to discourage break-ins.

Invest in a home security system. You can install your own video camera system or pay a third-party to monitor your house.

Staying Safe While Away 

Share your travel information with trusted neighbors. Let your neighbors know when you are headed out of town. They can keep an eye on your home and alert you if anything looks wrong.

Stop your mail and newspaper. In addition to holding these items, also keep an eye on delivery dates for packages. If a package is delivered, ask a neighbor to pick it up.

Remove your spare key. Criminals know where to look, so don’t even give them the opportunity to find a key to your home.

Be cautious about what you share on social media. Wait to share photos from your trip until after you get home. Real-time photos can alert criminals that you aren’t at home.

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