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Village at Harvest Ridge Homeowners Association, Inc.

           Your HOA Board Officers:
          Doug Adams  – President
          Ron Kercheval – V.P.
          Dick Helsley – Secretary
          Barbara DeChene – Treas.
          Pat Templeton – Member
          Craig Alderman – Member 
          Gary Matthews – Member
          Lane Martin – Member

          Dan Martin – Member

Your Architectural Review Committee:
Lane Martin, Chairman
Paul Bowman
Candace Adams
Bob “Coach” Lamons
Dan Martin
Dave Brown

Your Community Manager:
Allen Grimm, CMCA
Email Allen

2019 Board Meetings and Annual Meeting Information

2019 Board Meetings and Annual Meeting Information

The 2019 Board Meeting Schedule is set for the 3rd Tuesday of the month.  All board meetings will be held in the Coventry Group Conference Room, Located at 2045 Valley Ave., Ste 100, Winchester.  Board meetings start at 3:00pm unless otherwise noted. The Annual...

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3 Things to Do at Every Board Meeting

3 Things to Do at Every Board Meeting

oard meetings are an opportunity to prove to homeowners that their association is a well-run organization. Board members can set the tone by being a professional example and making sure to do the following three things at every board meeting.

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