Winter has already given us a significant snow fall and many of us were not ready for it since last year we did not get much snow at all.

If you have not already, be sure to get out your snow shovels and make sure they are in good shape, fire up the snow blower and get some gas and stock up on ice melt and/or kitty litter to sprinkle on the icy areas.

Have a sidewalk in front of your home?? Since it is the homeowner/resident’s responsibility to shovel and treat the sidewalks in front of their homes make sure you get it done within 24 hours of when the snow stops. 

If you live in a single-family home, make sure the area around your mailbox is clear or the post office will not deliver your mail.

It is also a good idea to park your vehicle(s) in your driveway so the snowplows can clear the roads easily without a lot of obstacles.

Winter also brings gusty winds so be sure to secure your trash and recyclables before putting them out at the curb for pick-up.  If your HOA pays for your trash service any delays in service due to inclement weather will be sent out via email blast so make sure your manager has your email address.

Lastly, be patient and stay safe! If the roads have not been plowed or treated in your neighborhood, chances are the contractors are busy getting the main roads clear before hitting the secondary roads.  Single family community roads are state maintained and plowed by VDOT and the town home communities are contracted out and plowing is paid for by your HOA dues. Most plow drivers have multiple roads/neighborhoods to plow and sometimes it will take a little longer for them to get from one neighborhood to the next.   

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