Spring is here!!! It’s time to put away the snow shovels and bags of ice melt. Mowing season is well under way from all the rain we have had. Here’s a helpful checklist for spring outdoor maintenance:

Outdoor lights-are they in working order

Mailboxes-are there any missing numbers; is it leaning, rusting, paint chipping.  Do you need a new one or just need to spruce it up?

The exterior of your home-

            House Numbers-are any numbers missing, do they need to be touched up if painted on

            Shutters-are they secure, faded, any missing

            Gutters-are they secure, clogged, sagging or missing

            Roof-any missing shingles, mold, any sagging areas

            Siding-any loose panels, mold, cracks

            Door and Window Trim-paint faded, peeling or chipped

            Decks/porches-mold, loose rails or raised nails

Driveway-cracks that need filling, does your HOA require you to seal your driveway,

A/C unit-have you scheduled annual maintenance, is it free of debris from the winter winds

Flower beds, shrubs and trees-do they need to be weeded, mulched, trimmed

Please be sure to check your HOA’s ARB, ARC Guidelines, Handbooks and/or Deed of Dedication/Declaration, Covenants and/or rules before making any changes to your home. 

Management will be conducting a spring inspection per our contract. At this time it may be difficult to do some exterior maintenance issues that need to be addressed. Please don’t hesitate to contact your community manager to let them know that you are aware of the issue and will address it as soon as you can.

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