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Nottoway Townhouse
Association Section II

Your HOA Board Members:
Michael Terry, President
Will Radosevich, Vice President
Cynthia Christoffell, Treasurer
Anna Marie Kerns, Secretary

Members at Large:
Elizabeth Stickley
Suzanne Cresswell
Yancy Sine
Larry Yates
Chris Roszko


Your Community Manager:
Abby Lisk
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Nottoway Board and Annual Meetings

Nottoway Board and Annual Meetings

2023 Meeting Dates
Board Meetings will start at 6:300PM.  Meetings are held at the Coventry Group Community Management Inc. office at 2045 Valley Ave. Suite 100, Winchester, VA 22601.  All homeowners are welcome to attend.

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What Is A Community Association?

What Is A Community Association?

Some residents think homeowners and condominium associations (generally called community associations) exist just to tell them what to do—or not do. Actually, the association is more like a housing management or service-delivery organization t​​hat provides three types of services to all residents—owners and renters alike.

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But My Constitutional Rights?!

But My Constitutional Rights?!

Among the criticisms often levied at community associations is a claim that boards of directors cannot infringe on residents’ Constitutional rights. With Bill of Rights Day being celebrated on December 15th, marking the anniversary of the ratification of the first ten amendments to the United States Constitution in 1791, now is a timely opportunity to consider the legitimacy of this argument with respect to board rulemaking authority in common interest communities.

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