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Architectural Guidelines

Please only one project per application.

Check the Architectural Standards & Guidelines to verify if an application is required. If an application is required, be sure to fully complete the application by including all relevant information and attachments which are required.

  • Description of your project – The application requires a complete description of the alteration or improvement. This includes a complete listing of materials to be used, overall dimensions, height off the ground (i.e. decks and porches), colors of existing house, trim and roof colors, and colors of the proposed alteration or improvement.
  • Site Plan (Plat) – A site plan is a scaled drawing of your lot (plat) which shows dimensions of the property, adjacent properties if applicable, and all improvements including those covered by the application. 
  • Drawings / Photographs – Complete drawings showing all dimensions, elevations and details of the proposed improvement or alteration are required. Drawings should show the relation of the improvement or alteration in relation to the existing home. Drawings which are illegible take time to review, slow the process, and may be returned to the applicant for clarification.
  • Signatures – The applicant is required to sign the application form. In addition, the signatures of all adjoining or affected property owners are required on all applications. The signatures do not constitute approval or disapproval of the proposed project, rather they indicate that the adjoining property owners are aware that an alteration or improvement is contemplated. Applications received without signatures will be returned.

An application submitted without all required documents will be considered incomplete. In such case, the Architectural Review Committee will return the application to the owner to provided missing information. The review period will not commence until all required documents have been provided. Other exhibits may be requested in addition to the above to allow adequate evaluation of the proposed improvements, alterations, or changes.

If you have any questions regarding the required documents or the application process, please contact your Community Manager prior to submission of an application.

The ARC’s goal is to get your project approved while maintaining community standards and protecting the interests of the community.

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