Spring is here!!! It’s time to put away the snow shovels and bags of ice melt. Mowing season will be here before you know it. Here’s a helpful checklist for spring outdoor maintenance:

Outdoor lights-are they in working order

The exterior of your home-

            House Numbers-are any numbers missing, do they need to be touched up if painted on

            Shutters-are they secure, faded, any missing

            Gutters-are they secure, clogged, sagging or missing

            Roof-any missing shingles, mold, any sagging areas

            Siding-any loose panels, mold, cracks

            Door and Window Trim-paint faded, peeling or chipped

            Decks/porches-mold, loose rails or raised nails

A/C unit-have you scheduled annual maintenance, is it free of debris from the winter winds

Flower beds, shrubs and trees-do they need to be weeded, mulched, trimmed

Please be sure to check your HOA’s ARB, ARC Guidelines, Handbooks and/or Deed of Dedication/Declaration, Covenants and/or rules before making any changes to your home. 

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