While some home upkeep jobs are simple, others are more complex and can even be dangerous. When performing home maintenance, keep in mind these top danger zones that can potentially be harmful.

Climbing up on your roof to clean your gutters or repair shingles requires extreme caution. Never go up on a roof alone; always bring along a spotter who can help if needed. Wear proper shoes with good tread and make sure your ladder is in good condition. Do not attempt roof or gutter repairs in inclement weather or if you have taken medications that can make you drowsy.

Electrical Panels and Wiring
The first rule when performing any electric work in your house is to turn off the circuit breaker that controls the area in which you are working! Use a voltage tester to make sure that the electricity is off before you begin repairs and use tools with rubber handles to protect yourself in case you accidentally touch a live wire.

Workshop, Shed or Garage
Whether you keep your tools in a workshop, shed or a garage, knowing how to safely handle power tools is essential to using them safely. Follow instructions for use and keep the tools well-maintained. Wear safety goggles avoid loose clothing and keep others away from your work area. Disconnect the tool when it is not in use, unplugging it carefully to preserve the cord.

Ladders should always be placed on a firm surface before climbing. Always ensure three points of contact on the ladder (either two hands and one foot or one hand and two feet). Do not climb with tools or other items in your hands and only allow one person on a ladder at a time. Be sure to block doorways or entry points to prevent people or pets from walking into the ladder and knocking you off it.

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