Well, it looks like Spring is approaching and you know what that means time to start tackling those weeds and begin cutting that grass. Isn’t it amazing how fast it grows? But on the up side that nicely mowed grass sure looks good! It not only makes you feel good having a nicely manicured lawn, but it makes a difference to the overall appearance of the whole neighborhood. If you have tenants occupying your home, please make sure they know the expectations regarding the landscaping and mowing etc.  Also, with the high winds that we’ve had, it is always a good idea to check on the roof shingles and siding that can sometimes come up or become dislodged and potentially cause greater damage to your home if left unrepaired.  
                                                                Do and Don’ts !!
DO-Check out the roof.  Look for signs of damage to shingles, such as an accumulation of asphalt granules in the gutters and cracked or curling shingles.
DO-Remember  keep lawns mowed, shrubs and trees pruned.
DO-Put your trash container out front only on Sunday P.M- Monday P.M.
DO-Apply for approval of any desired alteration or changes to the exterior of your home or lot.
DO-Clean up after your pet.
DO- House Numbers should be located on the house or mailbox.
DON’T-Leave your trash can out front. Store it inside or in the rear yard. 
DON’T-Place a basketball hoop near the street, and no basketball hoops are allowed in the townhouse community. 
DON’T-Park any Commercial vehicle, trailer, boat, campers, large trucks, junk or unregistered vehicles on the lot or street. Vehicles will be Towed at owners’ expense. 
DON’T-Guest parking spaces are not additional spaces for your own Vehicles. Guest parking spots are for guest Only.

**Violation letters will be sent out, Fines will be given, and Cars will be Towed**!!


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