Dear Fellow Homeowners,

• The speed hump capital project, along with others, were reviewed and discussed during the 2021 annual HOA meeting and were voted on and approved by the board of directors (other projects include new street signs/stop signs and paving the gravel strip along the eastern pond, both of which are currently in process).

• Paperwork was filed with the Berkeley County Schools Department of Transportation for the installation of the proposed speed humps and was approved; buses will continue their normal routes as usual.

• Our community manager, John Campbell, has since resigned. A 2021 summer newsletter was approved early June for community distribution. Unfortunately, due to personnel turnover Coventry has been unable to get these in the mail, which includes comments regarding the addition of the speed humps, as well as other planned community wide improvements.

• While we appreciate the fact that not all residents will see eye to eye on certain topics, we hope that with time the majority will see the added benefit and minimal impact to those abiding by the posted speed limit. The dimensions of these speed humps are designed not to impede vehicles traveling 25mph or slower (our posted limit is 15mph) and as a result limit the amount of noise pollution. We know this won’t clear up all issues and concerns, but hopefully it’s a start. A new community manager is in training and scheduled to start in August.

• As always, we invite all homeowners to join our annual meeting to discuss old and new business topics. Meeting dates and times will continue to be posted on the Coventry Group website along with all board approved meeting minutes.

Sincerely, Laurel Ridge Board of Directors

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