Executive Board Members: We make your life simpler, and more effective.

Coventry Group provides critical guidance and direction for executive board members.

Enjoy the support you need to focus back to your busy lives.

Leave the day-to-day work to our professional team.

Tap into the workshops and training we provide for board members.

Get answers to your questions and find out how you can better serve your association members.


Quarterly Workshop

Come to our quarterly workshops designed for HOA Board members.

Association Financial Services

Even if full management is not right for your association we are here to help with advice and support, and full financial services.

Coventry does understand the true meaning of community.

After working with Coventry over the last few years, I don’t believe that we could have found a management company filled with more kind souls, and whose professionalism and sense of community should be a model for those companies that feel you are just a number. 

Jason Cagle, President, Apple Mountain Lake POA

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