Pool Opening Friday!Message:

The Early’s Green pool will open on Friday, June 26th. The hours of the pool (Hours 10:00 am to 9:00 P.M.) will not be restricted. There will be spot monitoring by volunteers for compliance of the Phase II Guidelines. Volunteers will verify compliance. There are protocols in place to comply with the Phase II Guidelines . Under Phase II only water walking is allowed and persons not of the same household must remain 10 feet apart. Phase III will go into effect on July 1st. At that time free swimming and socializing 10 feet apart in the water will be allowed.

Upon entering the pool area homeowners must sign in and answer the health questions verifying temperature and they are feeling well . You will complete the checklist and your signature will be the verification you are healthy with no temperature or symptoms. CDC signage is posted throughout the pool area including all health compliance requirements and other information concerning COVID 19.

1.Social distancing of 10 feet in the pool is required and water walking is the only pool use allowed under than lap swimming until Wednesday, July 1s

2. Social distancing on the pool deck of 10 feet between persons who are not members of the same household.

3. Hand sanitizer will be available and should be used.

4. Homeowners will sanitize pool furniture used after use

5. If the bathroom is used there will be cleaning and sanitizing products for you to use and clean the area after use.

Your cooperation in complying with the Phase II and Phase III Guidelines will insure everyone remains safe and the pool can remain open.

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