Adulting is hard! Between managing work, kids, household to-dos, and your social life, it can be difficult to stay on top of everything. Luckily, there are plenty of smart apps that can help you get your life organized. Check out top apps available for these common areas of disorganization:  

Personal finance apps can be helpful to keep spending in check. Mint is a top-rated app that compiles a complete picture of your finances. The app You Need a Budget organizes your finances to so you can pay off debt and EveryDollar assists in creating a budget. The Prism app helps you organize your bills and pay them on time.  

Get everyone where they need to be by adding all your events into one scheduling app. Top app choices include and Cozi. Major operating systems, like Google, Apple, and Microsoft, also offer easy-to-use and highly rated scheduling and planning apps.  

Passwords Everything needs a password these days, and to keep your accounts safe, it’s best to use different passwords for each account or website. Smart apps can suggest strong passwords for your accounts and securely store them in one place. Check out the LastPassDashLane, and 1Password apps to keep your information safe.  
To prevent yourself from making multiple trips to the store, move your shopping list online. The AnyList, List Ease, and Our Groceries apps group shopping items by category and can be updated by multiple people in a household. Lists on these apps can also be updated through voice assistants, making it convenient to add an item to the list as soon as you think of it.  

Email organizer apps work with most major email platforms (Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, etc.) to make sorting through your emails easier and less time-consuming. The Clean Email app uses sophisticated algorithms to group emails by headers or keywords, allowing you to deal with them as a whole, rather than one by one. Unroll.Me and CleanFox provide a simple system to unsubscribe from unwanted advertising emails.

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