2019 New Year is here!  Spring is not far behind but we must deal with winter first.  Just a few reminders about the winter snow removal policy for Cross Creek Village.  The snow removal for Cross Creek is not done until there is three inches of snow on the ground.  This can be amended if the event is an ice event and the temperatures are going to remain very low.  A decision will be made by the Snow Chairman if the driveways and walkways will be treated.  Please check your email for updates.  The snow chairman, contractor and management work very closely to provide the best possible service to the community.  The streets except for Heritage are maintained by our contractor and the main purpose is to keep the road ways clear at all times for emergency vehicles.  The driveways and sidewalks will be cleared once the majority of the snow has stopped.  The driveways and walkways will be cleared within the terms of the contract depending on the depth of the snow.   Updates will also be posted on the website during a major event.   George Cornwell is the snow chairman and will keep everyone informed.
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