To ensure road safety, our the annual Flail Mowing program is underway.   This includes using a  Flail mower in a vertical position to trim trees and brush on or near the road and ditch lines.  With almost 17 miles of road, the use of a Flail mower is the most expedient method to accomplish this necessary maintenance.   This safety program is carried out once a year to:

  • Increase visibility and safety on the roads
  • Keep pedestrians and children safe
  • Keep tree branches from reaching so far out into the road as to cause traffic issues and damage to passing vehicles.
  • Keep brush and other vegetation from encroaching into the road and ditch lines

If you have plants or trees you maintain that are near the road or ditches, please mark them with a red or orange ribbons so that our contractor will know that you will maintain those plants and they can skip trimming them.   You may want to use more than one flag to ensure the mower operator can see it.

Any plant or tree that is flagged to be skipped, but is clearly encroaching into the road, ditch lines, or posing a potential hazard will be cut back by the Flail mower (not skipped).   To avoid the contractor from using the Flail mower to cut back the flagged plant, you will need to trim the plant or tree back so it is not encroaching into the road or ditch line then flag it.

Please understand that if you flag a plant or tree to be skipped,  then you are responsible for its maintenance and to ensure it does not encroach into the road or ditch.

All mowing activities are will be to clear the road and ditch lines.  Because this is a once a year activity some brush and or trees will be cleared further back from the road to allow for its growth next year.

Bob Lake Paving is contracted to carry out this years mowing program.  If you have any issues, comments or concerns please contact our Property Manager Jori Martin at [email protected]

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