Exceeding your property management needs.
Property Management

Coventry Group provides a full range of hands-on association management services. We can assist you in navigating the maze of legal requirements or bid collection for community upkeep. Most importantly, we provide a personal touch not traditionally found in the field of property management. Our property managers walk through your neighborhood weekly, meeting the homeowners, listening to their concerns and addressing them as quickly as possible.

  • Collection of current and past due assessments
  • Financial record keeping and budget balancing
  • Legal interpretation and compliance
  • Comprehensive inspection and maintenance of common areas such as lawn and park areas, sidewalks, pool grounds, snow removal, roofs and roadways.
  • Maintenance of Board records and meeting documents
  • Provision of HOA closing documents
  • Correspondence with the Board of Directors and Community Members
  • Payment of local real estate taxes or other government assessments
  • Procurement and employment of necessary professional services
  • Depositing of Association funds in interest bearing checking account designed for HOAs
  • Establishment of a website and print newsletter